The Weeknd - Take My Breath (Official Music Video)

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*****EPILEPSY WARNING ********
*****EPILEPSY WARNING ********

Official music video for “Take My Breath” by The Weeknd. Song available now:

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Directed by Cliqua
Produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney
Executive Producer Alli Maxwell, Tim Nash
Production Company Somesuch

Featuring Shaina West

Director of Photography Xiaolong Liu
Production Designer Carlos Laszlo
1st AD Ev Salomon
Abel Costume Design Matthew Henson
Casting Jonny Problem
Cast Costume Design Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo
Choreography Nina McNeely
Choreography assist Ayesha Orange
Production Supervisor Jon Lee
Asst Production Supervisor Pei-Lynn Juang
Talent Coordinator Luciana Baldovino
Camera Operator Dallas Sterling
Steadicam Chris Loh
Gaffer Nick Durr
Key Grip Jason Hodges
Editor Nick Rondeau @ Work Editorial
VFX by Buralqy + Roman Nekhoda
Additional VFX by Foreign Xchange
Color Jacob McKee @ Forager
Online + Conform Sunset Edit
Sound Design Christian Stropko

I saw the fire in your eyes
I saw the fire when I look into your eyes
You tell me things you want to try
I know temptation is the devil in disguise You risk it all to feel alive
You’re offering yourself to me like sacrifice You said you do this all the time
Tell me you love me if I bring you to the light
It’s like a dream what she feels with me She loves to be on the edge
Her fantasy is okay with me
Then suddenly baby says
Take my breath away
And make it last forever babe Do it now or never babe Take my breath away Nobody does it better babe Bring me Close to
Want me to hold on to you tight
You pull me closer feel the heat between your thighs You’re way too young to end your life
Girl I don’t want to be the one who pays the price
Take my breath away
And make it last forever babe Do it now or never babe
Take my breath away
Nobody does it better babe Bring me Close to heaven babe Take my breath


  1. The Weeknd

    The Weeknd

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    • lokman naeiss

      lokman naeiss

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      thank you weeknd for everything everysong

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      Took mine already big time🥰💥🔥

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      dawn breaks across the world. it is here.

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      Abel proof i am the king!!!😎

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    Hodor_Holdor_Buy and Holdor

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    Uhhhmmm dad flavourr

  3. Adrian C

    Adrian C

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    This is hilariously demented.

  4. Leanne Foley

    Leanne Foley

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    10 /10

  5. Marie-Amélie


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    Cool the remake of supernature by Cerrone 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️

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    50 Subscribers Without Video Challenge

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    His music is way far universal and cosmic

  8. Angelo CARP

    Angelo CARP

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    No puede set tan bueno este tipoooo por diooooooooos!

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    • enDrew


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  10. Nobody Dude

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    My king❤️

  11. SMScorx89


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    Anyone reminded of the night club scene from Blade?

  12. Soorya Stark

    Soorya Stark

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    Why does this guy remember me a lifetime I don't even know??

  13. Ariat Gomez

    Ariat Gomez

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    Dude has it really been that long

  14. Zee


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    The Weeknd can take my breath

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    this man really do likes lights

  17. N!us


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    Аахахха. Добавили слово "опасность" на счётчике 1:16 .

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      Санитар Дурки

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      Люди в шапке из фольги: ЭТА ЗНАККК

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    CHRIS’s RC’s & Aquariums

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  19. CHRIS’s RC’s & Aquariums

    CHRIS’s RC’s & Aquariums

    4 timmar sedan

    You can really tell his inspiration is Michael Jackson ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m from Toronto born and raised I love all are local artists specially the weekend

  20. Preet


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    Just nostalgic Weeknd

  21. Kirsten Schäfer

    Kirsten Schäfer

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    Ich liebe die Musik von the Weekend er ist mein absoluter Favorit geile Musik hübscher Mann einfach Hammer geile Musik 💯💯💯😍😍😍

  22. S'oul


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    my day is incomplete without this song!

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    I don't know what drug this song is about but I know it's referencing a drug

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    Que música BOA!!!!! A MASTERPIECE

  32. HotNReady15


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    if Michael Jackson stayed black..

  33. Ruanna J.C

    Ruanna J.C

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    Você e Perfeito 😍. Parabéns, amo todas as suas músicas ❤️🇧🇷

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  35. MIke H

    MIke H

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    This kinda sounds like ecstasy on Michael Jackson

  36. Mae Capone

    Mae Capone

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    Damn. Love it.

  37. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

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    Word to Swedish House Mafia 1:18 when that collab with The Weeknd comes. Worth being lit, and to live up to legendary expectations!

  38. AngeL GuerrA

    AngeL GuerrA

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    Selana songs

  39. Ken L

    Ken L

    9 timmar sedan

    He always fucking rocks it :)

  40. Jasmine Fraser

    Jasmine Fraser

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    This song is 100% about erotic asphyxiation. I don't care what anyone says 🤣

  41. Sweet Love

    Sweet Love

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    Gosto disso.

  42. Emma


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    2:28 that part just hits different, it feels like something that would be in a dramatic part in a movie

  43. P


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    Music = Good Video = 🤮

  44. Kevin Josué Francisco García

    Kevin Josué Francisco García

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    A pop song about erotic asphyxiation and yet everyone loves it !

  46. Oeyn


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    Man i just love the Weeknd's musical taste and style, its like a mixture of r&b, pop, and soul. So much energy coming from these songs that you just can't sit still

  47. Peanutt Galleri

    Peanutt Galleri

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    Ok.. I want to go to THIS party.

  48. BadPug


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    Монометр Русский 1:16

  49. NavyBlueVinyl


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    Get your goddamn jab or else you'll be singing this to a ICU nurse 😊

  50. Pop King Patrick

    Pop King Patrick

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    It’s crazy how many people come back to this everyday

  51. Yuliana Acosta

    Yuliana Acosta

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    Te amo💜

  52. Clayton


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    He just don’t miss

  53. Kataleya


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    The Matrix Zion rave🤪

  54. drwestm83


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    The Weeknd is the only artist who can bring back the retro sound and totally make it sound like he invented it. He gets better with each single and each album.

  55. R3demption


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    This sounds like something i would hear at night in Gta 4

  56. Matthew Foley

    Matthew Foley

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    This song probaly will be in GTA6 music

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    Cranq _

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    Well this is great, but this is even better:

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  62. Ann Makhonina

    Ann Makhonina

    14 timmar sedan

    1:16 that Russian phrase says "Danger". Thank you, Abel! Woukd love to see you in Russia. your voice is so smooth and I enjoy your music. Feels like the song's about a toxic relationship or drugs

  63. Irfan Shaeif

    Irfan Shaeif

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  64. Сергей Морозов

    Сергей Морозов

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    'Cause this is thriller, thriller night

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  66. Alannah Williams

    Alannah Williams

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    Omg the weeknd is my crush keep up the good work 👏

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  68. Big V

    Big V

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    Pal, please take some time, relax, go to holidays, and bring yourself together. I'm telling you this cause I know you can make 25x times better song than this one!

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    Dude looks past *****EPILEPSY WARNING ******** message....dies

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    in tafahum

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    I honestly think this song is about drugs..

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    charlie james

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    He's soo cool man when he's gone I dunno what I'm gunna listen to ohh wait it will be the weeknd

  75. z_celestial99


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    This song and MV is ART✨Looks like a scene from a movie

  76. so tem coisa

    so tem coisa

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    Michael Jackson 2.0

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  78. Maria Belen Vicario Bañuelos

    Maria Belen Vicario Bañuelos

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    Danielle Edwards-Brown

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    El Tosky

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    selena: 'taking my breath, a souvenir that you can keep' abel: baby says 'take my breath away and make it last forever, babe' Souvenir meaning: a thing that is kept as a lasting reminder of a person, place, or event

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    Rayane Rayane

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  93. Sümegi Tünde_

    Sümegi Tünde_

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    @ THE DAWN IS HERE !!! "And they'll see me..." Wondering, with witch eye, what form, witch dimension and density... I guess the Weeknd Starboy is not so weeknd anymore...

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    Collab with maroon 5 😊

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