The Weeknd - In Your Eyes ft. Kenny G (Official Live Performance) | Vevo

The Weeknd ft. Kenny G - In Your Eyes | Vevo Official Live Performance

The Weeknd's 'After Hours' is one of those albums that paints vivid pictures. Abel Tesfaye's music has a dark radiance that's both dreamy and eerie, and the record's videos flaunt their sensuality with a macabre grace. So we were thrilled to work with the singer and their team on three exclusive performances from the 'After Hours' song list. We kicked off our roll-out with "Alone Again." Now it's time for "In Your Eyes," which boasts a very cool Kenny G feature on soprano sax. Tomorrow we wrap it up with "Faith."

The Weeknd:


Executive Producer: Ed Walker
Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Executive Producer: JP Evangelista
Creative Director: Ed Walker
Directed By: Micah Bickham
Director of Photography: Jon Chema
Production Design: Tyler Jensen
Producer: Ben Fuqua
Producer: Maura Ehmer
Producer: Maddy Schmidt
Producer: Maura Scully
Producer: Haley Sliger
Editor / Producer: Austin Prahl
Talent Producer: Gabriela Prisciandaro
Talent Producer: Annie Shapiro
Artist & Label Relations: Sam Mackoff
Lighting Director: Josh Beard
Lighting PM: Jonathan Woelfel
VFX / Design / Motion Design: Sydney Emery
Sound Mix: Derek Brener
Audio Engineer: Casey Graham
Post Supervisor: Michael Colman
Photography: Lauren Dunn
Color: Joseph Bicknell for Company 3
Produced By: Contrast Films


  1. Ryan Leary

    Ryan Leary

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    Really hope that The Weeknd works with Kenny G again on this new album

  2. Rebeca Luana

    Rebeca Luana

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    this is amazing

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  4. Dridi Dali

    Dridi Dali

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    M A S T E R P I E C E !!!!!

  5. Moira McRae

    Moira McRae

    4 dagar sedan

    Oh WOW!!?

    • Moira McRae

      Moira McRae

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      That's a definite WOW, no question!!!!!!

  6. Diego Sena

    Diego Sena

    5 dagar sedan

    kkkkk olha esse kenny g man que top essa ficou boa the weeeknd foi o brabo também

  7. Richard Sampras

    Richard Sampras

    6 dagar sedan

    He did this after realizing he wasn’t nominated for the grammys u can see he was not happy

  8. Joe Celoni Playlist Curator

    Joe Celoni Playlist Curator

    6 dagar sedan

    bomb sound

  9. Jorge raul Martinez

    Jorge raul Martinez

    9 dagar sedan

    The best

  10. Elias Mauricio Rosales Lugo

    Elias Mauricio Rosales Lugo

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    14 dagar sedan

    I swear I'm gonna make the people in the Grammy's wear one costume for an year

  12. Gia Carangi

    Gia Carangi

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    Kenny G is awesome 👏🏻

  13. Max Willian

    Max Willian

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  14. Ssyl Moon

    Ssyl Moon

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    This version seduces me!!!

  15. Xavier


    18 dagar sedan

    I'm sure Kenny G was supper excited to receive a phone call from Abel

  16. Eduardo Tapia

    Eduardo Tapia

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    Aquí estamos

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  18. Alex Abeyta

    Alex Abeyta

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    The sax was the magic for me 🤌🏼

  19. David R Bermudez

    David R Bermudez

    24 dagar sedan

    Evidence that you do not need auto-tune in 2021...just a great impeccable voice and a great, impeccable Kenny G.

  20. Renyelle Vas

    Renyelle Vas

    24 dagar sedan

    the best duet. Kenny G always play beautiful songs.

  21. antonio giomo

    antonio giomo

    24 dagar sedan

    Essa Ana Paula é uma maluca ( quer todo o meu dinheiro 💸💸💸...kkkk) mas eu dou risada porque eu quero o bem dela...e amo vê-la feliz. Quanto eu rio dela..(que linda!)

    • antonio giomo

      antonio giomo

      24 dagar sedan

      E essa música Mariana? Quem fazia isso de te olhar (Rinegan/ olhar Celestial!)? Te quero bem .. Obrigado Ana Paula.... todos os dias gosto de pensar em você

  22. Cody


    24 dagar sedan

    The weekend steady releasing bangers

  23. Joka Bay

    Joka Bay

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  24. antonio giomo

    antonio giomo

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    • antonio giomo

      antonio giomo

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      Mariana...aquele minuto de Michael Jackson....acho que é especial.....e eu não disse bque valia....a pena Sonhar....

    • antonio giomo

      antonio giomo

      25 dagar sedan

      Sabe o quanto eu "Te Amo"? E você sabe que eu sou um pouco enrolado com isso....uma loirona que até o Meo avô se apaixonou.... Obrigado

  25. Catherine Monroe

    Catherine Monroe

    26 dagar sedan

    This song has a special place in my heart. I was born and brought up in a Catholic family in Texas and my boyfriend was born and brought up in a strict Hindu family back in India. He moved to the states for college. We met in class and instantly fell for each other. The difference in our races created many obstacles for us. Even our parents stood between us because of the religious differences. But we stuck to it and fought all those battles together and today we are the happiest of couples.I hope we get to live with each other forever. ❤️🇺🇸🇮🇳❤️❤️❤️

  26. antonio giomo

    antonio giomo

    27 dagar sedan

    Mariana/Marina. Tem gente que só pensa quadrado... é sábio ser flexível...mente aberta...e diciplinado. Mas me usar não!(isso deve ser poder! Mudar e moldar a minha vida)/ eu fiz Tudo para você Angelina/ Daiane (sabia que eu não me esqueço de você Ana Paula!) Sei lá ... só sei si. Esse dia de Michael músicas que não existiam até eu fazer essa poesia para vocês. Marina/Mariana.(a Ana Paula é ricona!) O meu horizonte se só sou um terço negro (0, 15%) desse sangue.....que vou dizendo para você um pré criado.... escolhido

  27. Matheus Henrique Loura

    Matheus Henrique Loura

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    As referências a Michael ❤️😭🥺

  28. Ghost-9


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    Can't stop listening to this masterpiece!😜👌

  29. Graciliano Castro

    Graciliano Castro

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    Recién escuché esta versión, increíble!

  30. John Matrix

    John Matrix

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    Thank you.. Thank you Kenny G

  31. Daisy Maddie

    Daisy Maddie

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    What made this so complete and perfect was the collaboration w/ Kenny G.

  32. scottpilgrim920


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    I thought that he was covering the Peter Gabriel song, but this is good too

  33. Rhys1992Mallon


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    The run at 1.38 is glorious

  34. antonio giomo

    antonio giomo

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    Um dia de Michael Jackson. Mariana Godoy? Quem é o seu amiguinho que gostava de versos e frases feitas ...e aprendia Inglês? Impossível? Não. Aproveitei a idade jovem e aprendi a controlar a musculatura do tronco e pescoço..... Até que ficou bom?(minha amiga !)

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    No Grammys??? I'm confused.

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    Sandra Le La Cheur

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    Awww beautiful sweetie 🤗😘😘

  38. Gokhan Geta

    Gokhan Geta

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    Lmao younger me thought Grammies were a big deal 😂😂🤣🤣

  39. Anna Anderws

    Anna Anderws

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    2021 you are it of all time bro best out the best

  40. Jose Silva

    Jose Silva

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    Very beautiful musica

  41. Sam Nawi

    Sam Nawi

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    When Michael Jackson meet MTV Asia = The Weeknd

  42. Martín Carrizo

    Martín Carrizo

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    This was the song of the year. So unfair.

  43. Elvira Díaz Santiago

    Elvira Díaz Santiago

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    Kenny g and the weekend 😍😍😍😍✋

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    Omg soooo gooooddddd 😭😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤

  45. Ultimate Mindset Motivation

    Ultimate Mindset Motivation

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    Hey Guys, I’m a big fan of The Weeknd and I just made a motivational video about his life and career and I would really appreciate you guys checking it out. I really put a lot of dedication and effort into this video to make it the best I can and my goal is for Abel to hopefully see it or at least hear about it. So if you can just do me a solid as a fan and check it out that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and I hope everyone stays safe!! LINK:

  46. Ciara Kelly

    Ciara Kelly

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    His voice🤤🤤😭😭



    Månad sedan

    FUCK the Grammys. Weekend needs nothing to prove his Genius. His work is the proof. Mad fucking respect. oh, and did I mention? ... FUCK the Grammys

  48. MellyMilliyzxyz Troylovefamilyz

    MellyMilliyzxyz Troylovefamilyz

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  49. Madaja Farmer

    Madaja Farmer

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    I am obsessed with this vision and Kenny G is such a legend

  50. Wendy Testaburger

    Wendy Testaburger

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    I got a new favourite out of these live vevo performances. Angelic voice

  51. Encarnacion Lucas Almenara

    Encarnacion Lucas Almenara

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  52. Aayush Bhide

    Aayush Bhide

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    The second i saw the thumbnail of this video my heart increased its beat rate to 1000 The HYPE IS RO REAL RIGHT NOW!, THE DAWN IS HERE!🌔🌕🌖🌟

  53. F K

    F K

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    The best piece of music that has ever been made!!! WTF maaan

  54. Fox Pappi

    Fox Pappi

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    Goddamn Kelpy G in this

  55. Aritra Kar

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    Anyone seen Abel... Missing

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    He the man

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    Gracias Dios por este hombres fantástico.

  62. Norma Guzman

    Norma Guzman

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    Alguien busque ese instrumento musical que tiene este hombre dentro. Que voz!!!. Y la cambia y es perfecta.

  63. Bodybuilding Motivation Music

    Bodybuilding Motivation Music

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    Once you're a fan you have to stay a fan forever... Cuz everything she,he puts out is an evolution from the previous and you can't miss any their products

  64. Mark_Bad_BA


    Månad sedan

    2:42 I love him, but this part was kinda funny

  65. Marissa Lopes

    Marissa Lopes

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    He sounds so much like MJ in this song

  66. Kata Varga

    Kata Varga

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    Gyerek ruházat egyéb

  67. Kata Varga

    Kata Varga

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    Gyerek ruházat egyéb

  68. Kata Varga

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  69. Kata Varga

    Kata Varga

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  73. Pereira A positivo

    Pereira A positivo

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    Porque que esse maluco sempre aparece com alguma parte do corpo zuada?

  74. Sweet Boba

    Sweet Boba

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    love you the weeknd,, just for that I'm getting a red jacket.

  75. Farid Rizki

    Farid Rizki

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    kenny g makes this move to another level

  76. Soupadeep


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    the cameraman must be crawling the whole time 😳

  77. kite personal

    kite personal

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    kelpy g

  78. Tasha K

    Tasha K

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    That’s it- I’m buying concert tickets! He sounds just as good live!! 😍😍

  79. Naveen P Nair

    Naveen P Nair

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    He don't need autotune, it needs him

  80. Nic ST

    Nic ST

    2 månader sedan

    The song on its own is entertaining enough

  81. dysfunctionalisme


    2 månader sedan

    This is one of my most favourite performance lol there's something about the way it was shot that is just so playful and cheeky

  82. 이승엽


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    미친듯이 좋다... 진짜 레전드네

  83. Viktoriya *

    Viktoriya *

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    The Weeknd .. your voice.. ❤️‍🔥 you are the best 💋

  84. EnVizzioned


    2 månader sedan

    I'm gonna go ahead and assume Kenny G is a lich lord that never ages

  85. Sammy Angelina

    Sammy Angelina

    2 månader sedan

    All his songs are iconic - I feel it coming -The hills -Can't feel my face -Call out my name -Earned it -Blinding light -Save your tears -In your eyes -Starboy -Secrets -In the night Etc... (He's amazing).

    • Likithe Weerasinghe

      Likithe Weerasinghe

      2 dagar sedan

      Reminder Party monster Until I bleed Hurt you Pray for me False alarm Scared to live Faith I can't feel my face I'm a virgin (featured in American Dad)

    • GBK XXL

      GBK XXL

      26 dagar sedan

      Go check his old work you gonna appreciate it

    • DeVaughn Ritchie

      DeVaughn Ritchie

      26 dagar sedan


    • Sammy Angelina

      Sammy Angelina

      Månad sedan

      @Blood Raven Of course

    • Blood Raven

      Blood Raven

      Månad sedan

      even his old songs back in 2011-2014 were awesome

  86. R J

    R J

    2 månader sedan

    My Favourite Artist OF Time.🖤 I tried to ignore but those bathroom tiles are giving high alert to my OCD.

  87. diplo Heard

    diplo Heard

    2 månader sedan

    Like how does this not become album of the year how is he not performer of the year artist of the year I can’t think of an album this deep and masterfully pieced together than after hours he deserves every music award at every ceremony this is his greatest album it’s so dark and beautiful

  88. Steff Schu

    Steff Schu

    2 månader sedan

    looks like the 80s are Back :D

  89. zainab


    2 månader sedan

    no hate but this is better than the original. kenny g killed it 🔥

  90. Codecutta


    2 månader sedan

    Has anyone else ever collaborated with Kenny G, Daft Punk, Ariana? Every single collaboration he has done has been mind-blowing😇

  91. Esmeralda Ibarra

    Esmeralda Ibarra

    2 månader sedan

    Llevo un año amando esta canción, y todas sus versiones son excelentes, con doja es sublime también y ésta con kenny g🔥🔥🔥

  92. Joachim Weller

    Joachim Weller

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    Greatest Song 👍👍👍

  93. crazy maxima nismo

    crazy maxima nismo

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    Nice song

  94. RedEye Inc.

    RedEye Inc.

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    Kenny G...... Yes.

  95. Logan Waxter

    Logan Waxter

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    Ash Smart

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    Someone has to teach him how to make a bad song

  97. Sandra Rivas

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  98. M.H


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    미쳤다 진짜 너무 좋다…

  99. Ioan Ratiu

    Ioan Ratiu

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    3:32. Kenny brother, You elevated this soo much.

  100. said chellali

    said chellali

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    On all your vidéo clips i found something special . It looks like a long story or filming a parts of your next movie.. is that right 🤔